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  • VPN hardware accelerator delivers excellent performance at a competitive price, offloading the CPU of the computing intensive tasks of encryption and compression. It is perfect for low cost and low power VPN Routers, and can deliver at throughput of up to 250Mbps doing encryption and compression, more than enough for use at T3, E3, OC-3 and Fast Ethernet...

  • 1 LAN, 1 miniPCI, PCI, LX800, 256 MO, 2 COM, 4 USB, 1 LPT, audio, VGA

  • Ideal for small offices and businesses with fewer than 32 users, MyPBX SOHO is an affordable, yet fully-featured embedded hybrid IP PBX with ISDN BRI and PSTN connectivity, providing a cost-effective solution for your business.

  • ALix 2D2 case, black anodized aluminum.

  • Optimized for the hectic call center environment, The FANVIL C01 was designed to be used with a headset. It is built to be convenient and easy to use, allowing call agents to easily manage and monitor calls.

  • ALix 2D2 case, 3 WiFi, anodized black or painted.

  • ALix 2D2 case, 3 WiFi, anodized aluminum.

  • ALix 2D2 case, 3 WiFi, anodized aluminum.

  • The Fanvil C66 is built with the Broadcom Gigabit IP Phone chip. With its intuitive user interface andenhanced functionality, the Fanvil C66 is perfect for small or medium businesses as it makes it easy toconnect and communicate to maximize productivity.

  • The D900 is user friendly and stylishly designed with its large 7" LCD touch screen that supports 800x480 pixels and comes with a 5MP camera. It is also built to support up to 4 SIP 2.0 servers and backup SIP proxy servers.

  • Fanvil’s new X3 IP Phone is an industrial masterpiece offers superior user experience and simplicity for home and office users with elegant appearance and intelligent software. X3 is positioning to be not only a telephone siting on a user’s desktop for communication, but also a nice artwork in your living room or office.

  • iCallDroid is the FIRST HOME IPPBX based on Asterisk. With the analog ports integrated, the legacy telecom equipments would be able to connect to the modern unified communication world. iCallDroid provides full-featured open source IPPBX functions for home.

Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items